Why does my dog sleep under the bed?

If your dog rests beneath your bed, you may be curious about the reasons behind it and how to address the situation. This article will outline typical explanations for why dogs do this and suggest potential solutions.

If you’re wondering why your furry friend chooses to sleep under your bed, there could be a few explanations. It’s possible that your dog feels more secure in that location, is experiencing fear or anxiety, finds the space more comfortable, or simply wants some peace and quiet.

Considering the various potential causes would be beneficial in determining which one is more probable, making it easier to identify the appropriate solution.

Why your dog sleeps or lays under the bed

Here are some typical explanations for why dogs sleep under the bed and what factors may increase the likelihood of this behavior.

It feels safer there

The reason why your dog sleeps under the bed could be because it feels safer in that spot. By sleeping there, it can protect itself from above and behind, which increases its chances of spotting potential threats before they see it. This behavior may persist even if there is no apparent reason for your dog to be scared. It is more likely to happen if your dog has a submissive personality.


It’s possible that the reason your dog sleeps under the bed is because it’s feeling fearful. This could be especially true if it tends to do so during specific events, such as thunderstorms or loud noises outside.

Feeling threatened

One possible reason for a dog sleeping under the bed is that it feels threatened. This may occur more frequently when a particular person or animal is present, or when the owner is angry with the dog. To address this behavior, it’s best to interact with the dog calmly and use positive reinforcement training rather than punishment.

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It finds it comfortable there

It is not unusual for dogs to snooze beneath the bed. The explanation why yours has been doing it could be that it finds it more pleasant there since it’s cooler and darker which likely assists it to sleep better. This would be more probable if your dog does not demonstrate any signs of being nervous or frightened around the house and if it acts normally otherwise.

It does not want to be bothered

Another reason why your dog might sleep under the bed is that it wants to avoid any disturbance. This could be more plausible if it goes there to rest after getting some exercise or eating. If your dog sleeps under the bed during the day, it could also indicate that it has been having trouble sleeping at night. To help your dog sleep better, make sure its sleeping area is cool, dimly lit, quiet, and has enough space for it to lie down.

Things to consider about your dog going under the bed

When trying to determine why your dog sleeps under the bed, there are several factors to take into account.

What else happened when your dog first started sleeping under your bed

When your dog started sleeping under your bed is important to consider, as there may have been a triggering event that caused this behavior.

If your dog suddenly starts sleeping under the bed, it may be due to factors such as experiencing anxiety triggered by someone being aggressive towards it or the commencement of construction works near your home.

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What is different when your dog does not sleep under the bed

Considering the timing of when your dog goes under the bed could be beneficial as it may have a correlation with its behavior.

Suppose your dog sleeps under the bed when you are not around, it could indicate that it is experiencing separation anxiety. On the other hand, if it crawls under the bed after exercising, it may simply want to rest and be left alone.

What to do about your dog sleeping under the bed

Here are some steps you can take to address your dog’s habit of snoozing beneath the bed.

Give it another place to sleep

Providing your dog with an alternative sleeping spot can be helpful if it doesn’t have one already. A crate with a cover can serve as a safe and comfortable space for your dog to retreat to whenever it wants.

Train it to sleep or lay somewhere else

Using positive reinforcement training can be beneficial in encouraging your dog to sleep in a different location than under the bed.

If you want your dog to lay or sleep in a specific location, you can try the following techniques:

  • Ensure that the area where you desire your dog to rest is cozy and pleasant.
  • Encourage your dogvto remain in that position and offer it a reward
  • To entice your dog to rest, offer it a reward
  • Keep practicing this routine multiple times a day until your dog understands that lying under the bed leads to receiving rewards

Avoid encouraging the behavior

If your dog has been sleeping under the bed, it could be because you have unintentionally encouraged this behavior by rewarding it. To change this habit, try rewarding your dog when it sleeps where you want it to sleep and redirecting it to another spot before it goes under the bed.

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Minimize reasons why it might be fearful

As previously stated, it is possible that something has been causing your dog to feel afraid. To alleviate this fear, consider minimizing potential stressors by allowing your dog to rest in a quieter environment.

Interact with it calmly

Using positive reinforcement training and interacting with your dog calmly can encourage it to behave the way you want, which may prevent it from hiding under the bed. Punishing your dog for misbehavior could contribute to its tendency to seek refuge under the bed.

Get help

If you’re having difficulty preventing your dog from sleeping under the bed or it’s doing it too often, consulting a dogvbehaviorist is recommended. This way, you can figure out what has been causing your dog to do this and how to get it to stop.

Why does my dog sleep under the bed at night?

It is probable that your dog chooses to sleep under the bed during the night because it provides a sense of security or comfort.

One way to discourage your dog from sleeping under the bed is to provide an alternative sleeping spot and positively reinforce your dog’s use of it.

You can also check this YouTube video about this topic:

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