Why does my dog poop on his bed?

If your dog has been defecating on their sleeping area, this article will explain the probable causes and provide solutions to address the issue.

If you’re wondering why your dog defecates on their bed, there are several possible explanations, including sickness, separation anxiety, fearfulness, ennui, insufficient training, or not being given the opportunity to urinate or defecate before bedtime.

There are various potential explanations as to why your dog defecates on their sleeping area. Nevertheless, there are certain factors you can take into account to determine the primary cause.

Why does my dog poop on her bed?

Here are some potential reasons and factors that could increase their likelihood.


Illness could be the reason why your dog is unable to hold it through the night, especially if this behavior has started suddenly and accompanied by other signs of illness like vomiting, fatigue, or diarrhea.

Separation anxiety

Similar to humans, certain dogs possess anxious personalities that make them susceptible to unusual actions. A dog experiencing separation anxiety might become so agitated that it loses control and defecates or urinates uncontrollably, which can worsen when confined in a limited area such as its crate.


Believe it or not, pooping on their bed may be more frightening of an experience for your dog than it is for you! Many dog specialists have associated defecating in unusual places around the house to psychological problems, such as fear.

Not enough training

Have you previously trained your dog to use the bathroom outside? Was it during their puppyhood or adulthood, and did you do it yourself or someone else? It’s possible that they require additional training to recall proper behavior.

If your dog is pooping on his bed, it may be because he has never been properly house-trained. To address this issue, you can refer to resources such as books, YouTube videos, or even attend classes that teach how to train a dog to use the bathroom outside.

If your dog has previously been trained to use the bathroom outside but is now having accidents indoors, you can provide a refresher course on house-training. Online resources such as articles and videos can assist with this process, which involves reinforcing the original rules established during the early stages of your relationship with your pet.

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Dogs that are bored and have excess energy may defecate in unusual locations, such as their bed. Some breeds require more physical activity during the day, such as border collies and golden retrievers, which should be walked at least three times a day or given ample space to run and play.

If you own a breed that requires a significant amount of physical activity daily, such as those mentioned in the article or any other breed, it is crucial to find ways to provide your dog with more exercise. This could involve increasing the frequency of walks, creating an enclosed space where your dog can run around freely, or taking them to a nearby dog park. In some cases, pet owners even hire caretakers for their dogs if they are away from home for extended periods due to work or school.

Not getting a chance to pee or poop

One reason why dogs may poop on their bed is due to infrequent outdoor access, leading them to hold it in for extended periods and ultimately choosing to relieve themselves indoors.

Why does my dog poop on his bed? Most likely because it’s cozy, and they enjoy lying there. If you believe this is the main cause of your dog defecating on their bed, it’s up to you to resolve it. You’ll need to find ways to let your pup out more frequently.

It’s important to consider that if your dog is aging, their bathroom habits may have altered, and they might require more frequent trips outside to relieve themselves. You should adjust to this change by taking them for more walks or allowing them access to the yard more often. If you have a fenced area, it may be worth installing a doggy door so that they can come and go as they please.

Things to consider

Here are some factors to take into account in order to determine the primary reason.

If your dog has always pooped on their bed

When dogs begin pooping on their bed, it’s important to think about any changes that may have occurred around the same time. If this behavior started abruptly, it could be a result of illness, fear, or prolonged periods of solitude.

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The timing of when your dog poops on his bed

Thunderstorms are a frequent cause of dogs defecating in unusual locations inside the house. During thunderstorms, most dogs become frightened and may exhibit frantic behavior such as running around in circles, pacing, panting, hiding, and other odd behaviors. It is not uncommon to discover an unwelcome surprise in unexpected places like the basement corner, bathroom or even their own bed after a major storm.

Similar to thunderstorms, firework displays and loud noises such as guns can cause distress to your dog. Even having construction work done on your house can trigger your dog’s fears.

Additional factors that may cause your dog to defecate on their bed due to fear include anxiety about visiting the veterinarian, the presence of unfamiliar individuals or visitors in the home, the introduction of a new pet such as a dog or other animal, or encountering another dog or animal outdoors.

How to stop my dog from pooping on his bed?

There are several choices available to prevent your dog from defecating on their bed.

Get help

If your dog has recently started defecating on their bed and it appears to be related to a potential health issue, the most appropriate course of action would be to schedule an appointment with a veterinarian. This will enable you to receive specialized guidance specific to your dog’s needs and address any underlying medical conditions.

Limit reasons why your dog might be anxious

If you suspect that your dog’s incontinence is related to fear, anxiety, or overall nervousness, there are various solutions available to you.

If you are unable to address the issue of your dog pooping on his bed by modifying your and your dog’s actions and surroundings, it is advisable to consult with your veterinarian as they may suggest medication that can calm your dog’s nerves and help them relax.

Moreover, you can brainstorm ways to soothe your dog and reduce their stress by providing a cozy spot in your living room or kitchen for them to rest comfortably. Offer them some unique toys and increase the frequency of treats (if it suits their diet) or switch to a superior quality dog food. If you don’t have any other pets, getting another dog could be an option, but ensure that they are compatible with each other!

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Implementing these minor modifications can assist your dog in reducing their nervousness and potentially prevent them from defecating on their bed or your furnishings.

Give your dog a chance to relieve themselves

As pet owners, we desire our dogs to inform us promptly when they need to relieve themselves, allowing us to take them outside or for a walk. However, many dogs do not function in this manner.

Dogs may not always communicate their need to go to the bathroom, and even if they are accustomed to regular walks, their elimination patterns can change over time, requiring owners to adjust and assist them.

To prevent your dog from pooping on their bed, consider increasing their exercise by taking them for more walks or having someone come over to take them out during the day. You can also create a small fenced-in area in your outdoor space where they can run freely or ask a fellow dog owner if your dog can play with theirs.

Outdoor time and physical activity can be beneficial in addressing incontinence problems in your dog .

Positive reinforcement training

Encouraging your dog to defecate and urinate outdoors while rewarding it for doing so can be beneficial. Additionally, refraining from providing rewards when your pet poops on its bed may also be helpful.

Why does my old dog poop in his bed?

If your aging dog has recently begun defecating in their bed, it is probable that the reason behind this behavior is either sickness or a decrease in their ability to control their bowel movements. It would be beneficial to schedule a veterinary appointment and increase the frequency of outdoor potty breaks.

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