The 5 best dog foods for Pit bulls

The 5 best dog foods for Pit bulls

Your dog’s overall health is mostly determined by their diet. The nutrients he or she consumes determine growth, look and energy levels. The best dog food for pitbulls is a brand and formula your dog loves but also benefits his or her body and digestive system. Only through trying out different products will you determine what the best option is, because along with your budget, the ingredients need to benefit your pet’s unique digestive system and he or she needs to find it palatable. Pitbulls have unique requirements because they’re big dogs with high activity levels. So where do you begin?

When looking for an appropriate brand for your pitbull you need to educate yourself in basic pet nutrition. Many brands use unhealthy substances such as fillers in their products. This includes:

  • Artificial colors and flavoring
  • Meat by-products
  • Wheat and items containing gluten.

All of these substances can have a negative impact on your dog’s health such as triggering allergies. This can leave your pet with itchy skin and low energy levels. To promote your pitbull’s healthy lifestyle and ensure he or she can do all it wants, you need to opt for a dog food that enables an active lifestyle and benefits growth. So what are your options?

Taste of the Wild High Prairie

This brand covers most of the bases in their manufacturing process so your pitbull will be safe in consuming this product. Pitbulls are in great need of protein due to their size and to ensure they grow up healthy to kick start a healthy life. Because pitbulls are susceptible to skin conditions and allergies it’s vital to decide on the correct dog food from the start. Taste of the Wild contains no grain which means it’s a good starting point. What else does it offer you?

There are many benefits in using this food for your pet:

  • Real meat is used as a protein source. Meat is the preferable source of protein for any dog.
  • Real meat ingredients give the food a great taste which means your pitbull will find it palatable. You don’t have to struggle to get him or her to eat.
  • Additional ingredients include natural products which add to the taste and nutrition of the food.

Certain ingredients are flagged as possible allergens but only for certain dogs. You’ll have to see whether they play a role in your dog’s health. This includes:

Taste of the Wild offers great pet food at affordable prices as they aren’t as expensive as some other hypoallergenic pet food. With its meaty taste and high protein levels it’s palatable for your pitbull as well as beneficial for his overall health.

Best puppy food for pitbulls

Taste of the Wild Grain-free Dry Dog Food for Puppies

During your dog’s puppy months it’s essential to offer him or her a nutritious diet. This will determine how strong its joints become and also set the stage for future diseases and allergies. By keeping dogs as healthy as possible during their developing years your dog can grow into the strongest version it can become, without any hindrance due to illness. For pitbulls, their growth continues well into their second year. Taste of the Wild for puppies offers them all that’s necessary for this period to grow into healthy young adults.

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Taste of the Wild offers great options for particular types of dogs. This product follows their regular guidelines:

  • Great taste is created by using real roasted meat such as buffalo and lamb meal as ingredients
  • No items that generally cause allergies are used during manufacturing

In addition this product offers puppies more essential care:

  • Puppies need fuel for their energetic lives and their growth processes. This product offers digestible energy to assist in this.


  • Tomato pomace is one of the ingredients and this is sometimes questioned by pet owners whether it’s a nutritious substance or simply a pet food filler.
  • Canola oil makes up part of the ingredients and may contain GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms).

You want to give your puppy a head start in life. This brand of dog food will ensure a long life as well as a happy and healthy life. Taste of the Wild supplies the necessary nutrients for this while keeping the unhealthy substances far away. Your pitbull can grow up into an energetic adult with a shiny coat and healthy teeth and gums when they start their life on this formula.

Best dog food for a senior pitbull

Wellness Complete Health Natural Dry Senior Dog Food

Your energetic young pitbull turns into an elderly dog but it doesn’t mean its health must deteriorate. Wellness caters for this need by offering you great tasting and high nutritional food for senior dogs. This product can be given to your pitbull to keep his health in check. How is this done?


Wellness ticks most of the boxes of a great dog food:

  • No grain, artificial flavorings or meat by-products are contained in this product. This is essential to keep your dog from showing effects of allergic reactions such as dry skin, dull eyes and coat as well as lethargy.
  • By using real meat as part of the ingredients your dog is met with a great taste whenever it goes to the feeding bowl.
  • Wellness manufactures dog food in the United States. This gives you peace of mind that all ingredients are safe for consumption and adheres to necessary health regulations.

For your senior dog this product is even better as it contains substances which assists your dog’s hips and joints:


  • Great food does come at a price and Wellness products are an expensive choice which delivers spectacular results. You have to decide whether your dog needs such an expensive brand to achieve great results.

You can’t go wrong in trying this as your pitbull’s next food option. By using real meat which contains protein and specifically with the focus on assuring healthy joints your senior pitbull can continue an active lifestyle. You do have to consider the cost and perhaps decide to supplement another formula of dog food with this great product.

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Orijen Freeze-Dried Adult Dog Food

It’s exciting to find something different in the dog food aisle and Orijen manages this with their freeze dried range. This process is state of the art but it makes all the sense in the world because it gives dogs of today everything they would have found in the wild. And this is exactly what their bodies are made to digest. Your adult pitbull can thrive on this diet and you can have peace of mind that he or she receives all the necessary nutrients.

This unique process is beneficial for dogs’ diets because the method doesn’t cancel out the nutrients present in natural products such as meat and vegetables. These items are freeze dried without being cooked first. It’s the cooking process that robs foodstuffs of their nutrients. So your dog’s kibbles are created while keeping all the necessary and natural nutrients inside but it won’t go stale or grow microorganisms. What else does your pitbull get out of this?

You and your dog will love the effect of Orijen:

  • The freeze drying process captures nutrients for your dog’s health but it also keeps the great taste of natural products.
  • Orijen prides itself in offering grain free products which means your pitbull’s sensitive constitution won’t be troubled by this product.


  • A great quality product does come with a price and Orijen is one of the more expensive dog food options currently available.
  • Time needs to be considered because this dry food needs preparation time before it can be served to your dog. Warm water is poured over the medallions of food. You and your dog need to wait for about five minutes before he or she can enjoy the taste.

Orijen faces all the necessary requirements for a good pet food product and it passes the test with flying colors. So you simply need to consider your budget and your dog’s current state of health to decide on the necessity for it.

Wellness Complete Health Natural Dry Small Breed Dog

Obviously pitbulls are not small breed dogs, however, during their puppy phase, feeding them a small breed dog food can benefit their health. Wellness creates great products for all types of dogs.

While this product is filled with nutrients that benefit dogs optimally, its ingredients focus on what a small breed dog needs. This includes nutrients that supply energy to help smaller dogs maintain a healthy body weight. While these nutrients are beneficial, as a pitbull owner you need to search for products that assist your particular breed.

For pitbulls this includes a high protein diet and also one that prepares them for adulthood. This product is produced in small kibbles to assist small dogs in eating it. You don’t want your potentially huge pitbull to become accustomed to this type of kibble because it may not want to try other size kibbles when it has grown into an adult.

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This product can assist any dog in the following ways:

  • Offering great nutrition without any artificial substances or by-products. These substances drop the value the food has for your dog because it can negatively impact their digestive system.
  • Wellness focuses on creating great tasting food that keeps dogs happy and owners even happier because their dogs don’t have to be forced to eat.


  • As mentioned, this may not be the ideal option for your pitbull’s diet, though it can assist as a supplement because it contains many nutrients. Take care to make your dog accustomed to the right kind of food in the way it tastes and looks.
  • Wellness is an expensive brand which means you’ll have to consider your budget before making this the foundation of any dog’s diet. It may be difficult to wean your dog off one type and can affect his or her health if it’s necessary to get used to a different type of food.

This product is focused on smaller breeds while pitbulls grow up to be big adults. While great nutrition will be found, you may find other after effects aren’t beneficial such as struggling to change to a different taste and size kibble when your dog reaches adulthood. It’s vital to endorse the correct habits from a young age to minimise frustration and ensure great health.

A pitbull’s health can easily be gauged:

  • Is your dog energetic or lethargic?
  • Bullet Point Does your dog’s eyes shine or do they seem dull?
  • Are your dog’s gums a healthy pink or are they white and even bleeding?
  • Is your dog’s skin healthy or dry and is its coat shiny?

Your choice of what food he or she is eating will directly affect these areas. This makes it easy to see when a product is beneficial for your dog. It does take time to get dogs used to new types of food and therefore it’s necessary to try out quality products from the start.

For a big dog such as a pitbull this is even more vital as you want him or her to grow up healthy with a strong bone structure to support its energetic lifestyle. This is only possible if your dog’s food supports this process. Most of these products mentioned can assist your pitbull in its developing and adult years. Orijen and Wellness brands of dog food will give you carefree days and ensure your dog enjoys mealtimes.

If cost is an issue, other cheaper brands (such as Exclusive) are able to offer your dog enough nutrients for daily use, though you may have to keep an eye that no allergies are triggered. You also have an additional option of supplementing one product with another to increase nutritional intake. Your pitbull needs high quality food to support its active lifestyle and knowledge is the first step in choosing the correct brand for your dog as well as for your personal lifestyle.