The 5 best dog food brands for Schnauzers

The 5 best dog food brands for Schnauzers

Schnauzers were bred in Germany as guard and hunting dogs. They are related to terriers, but their personalities are more laid back. Your Schnauzer will alert you of trespassers on your property. They’re not very aggressive so you can pick a Schnauzer as a family dog.

Schnauzers are an energetic breed and highly intelligent. These features need to be supported by a healthy diet so your dog can reach its full potential. When planning how to effectively look after your Schnauzer make sure of the type you have.

Our top picks for the best dog food for your Schnauzer

Over the years three different types of Schnauzers were bred and each has its own dietary requirements based on unique features. You can pick the best food for your dog out of the five best dog food brands for Schnauzers listed below. Here’s what you need to know.

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Your Schnauzer can be classified as one of three different types. Which one of the following do you have?

Standard Schnauzer

This breed is lucky to not have many genetic health issues associated with it. Breeders were careful during breeding processes and so your Standard Schnauzer should live a healthy, happy life as long as you feed it nutritious food. A standard sized dog can enjoy most size kibbles, so you don’t have to worry too much about buying breed specific food.

Miniature Schnauzer

This type of Schnauzer only reaches 14 inches in size. Their lifespan is slightly shorter than a Standard Schnauzer. This is normal for types where more inbreeding was done. You’ll need to purchase small kibbles for your dog and feed it nutrients to combat the following possible health issues:

  • Obesity: This is because of high cholesterol
  • Retinal Dysplasia: Some foods contain nutrients specifically meant for eye health
  • Pancreatitis: You should keep fat intake to a minimum
  • Bladder Stones: High water intake and healthy diet can reverse this condition
  • Dermatitis: Artificial ingredients tend to worsen this condition

Feed your Schnauzer the correct food from an early age to ensure the best possible health conditions later in its life.

Giant Schnauzer

These dogs are generally healthy adult dogs. You do need to make sure they receive enough protein and calcium to support muscles & bones. Large dogs put more strain on these areas because of their size and body weight.

When Giant Schnauzers reach their senior years you may need to supplement their food to help them with the following conditions:

  • Hip Dysplasia: Regular exercise and a lot of Omega Oils can help with this.
  • Bloat: Make sure the food you put out is beneficial to the digestive tract. In extreme conditions the stomach may flip around and you’ll require veterinary help.
  • Seizure: This can be a serious condition, but certain dog foods do supply nutrients for brain activity which can help.

Your Schnauzer can have the best possible life if you provide quality food. Its natural strengths such as alertness will be supported and health problems can be prevented. Read through this list of five best dog food brands for Schnauzers to pick the ideal one for your pet.

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Blue Buffalo Life Protection Dry Adult Dog Food

Blue Buffalo is one of the many quality products the USA exports. This is something you need to take note of since many other countries don’t require the same standard of pet food as the USA. Dog food from some Asian countries aren’t healthy for consumption.

With Blue Buffalo you can feed the products to your dog without any concern and you have the added benefit of its high nutritional value. Blue Buffalo prides itself in supplying pet owners with nutrient rich food options. This specific product is only suitable for Standard and Giant Schnauzers because of the kibble size.


  • Blue Buffalo adds LifeSource Bits to most of its products. This Blue Buffalo creation is a mixture of natural items that supply your dog with many nutrients. This can help the digestive system and improve general health. It contains:
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • ​Antioxidants
  • Grains
  • Vegetables
  • Real lamb is used as a primary ingredient. This provides nutritional value but also improves the taste and smell of the food so dogs love eating it.
  • Blue Buffalo doesn’t use any artificial preservatives that can aggravate skin irritations.


  • The food contains some grains which can cause digestive and skin problems. This will depend on your dog’s sensitivity to grains though. Too many grains may also lead to weight gain.

Blue Buffalo offers you an excellent product to sustain general health in your Schnauzer. Your dog may need additional supplements if any health issues occur. Your miniature Schnauzer may have a problem chewing these larger kibbles.

Rachael Ray Nutrish Natural Dry Dog Food

Nutrish offers pet owners a healthy dog food option. Rachael Ray—the creator behind this brand—designed a dog food filled with natural products so you can be sure there’s no chemical preservatives that could harm your pet.

The manufacturing starts with real meat and vegetable products and later on many vitamins & minerals are added. This combination makes the food tasty as well as healthy. What else can you expect from this brand?


  • The food doesn’t contain harmful or low nutritional ingredients such as:
  • Meat by products
  • Fillers
  • Wheat
  • Gluten
  • Artificial flavors
  • Your Schnauzer’s digestive system will stay in top condition thanks to prebiotics in this bag of food.
  • It’s an affordable dog food brand.


  • Some controversial ingredients are included in Rachel Ray’s products. This could influence your dog’s health, but its effect is determined by the dog’s sensitivity to it. You’ll have to keep an eye for any discomfort, itchy skin or vomiting:
  • Whole grain corn can be difficult to digest
  • Dried beet pulp
  • Brown rice

Rachael Ray attempts to create an excellent dog food product and this packet does contain many healthy substances. It also contains a few that could hinder your dog’s health. If you do give this a try, watch for any side effects.

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Natural Balance Original Ultra Whole Body Health Dry Dog Food

Natural Balance goes out of their way to offer natural products as much as possible. This lowers the possibility of allergic reactions and it improves the taste of the food.

With this product Natural Balance focuses on supporting brain health. This is an excellent option for your Schnauzer who by nature is intelligent. You can improve its learning capacity by feeding it food that contains nutrients that enhance brain functioning. What else is terrific about this brand?


  • Natural Balance uses chicken meal as a primary product. This is one of the best sources of protein. For Giant Schnauzers this will provide support for muscles. By having strong muscles that support the bones, injuries are kept to a minimum.
  • The combination of nutrients support the following areas which are vital in all Schnauzer types:
  • Eyes
  • Bones
  • Heart
  • Skin and coat
  • Your dog’s brain capacity is supported by high levels of DHA and EPA.
  • No artificial ingredients such as coloring or flavoring are used. This means there’s less chance of allergic reactions to the food.
  • This food supports a healthy immune system. For dogs who have a long life expectancy such as Standard Schnauzers this is ideal. Your dog can enjoy excellent health even in its senior years because it will be able to fight off diseases.


  • The food is marketed as safe for all breeds and sizes. However, a Miniature Schnauzer may have trouble chewing the kibbles because of their size. This can cause digestive problems.

Natural Balance is an excellent food option that you and your dog will both love. Your Schnauzer will love the taste and you’ll appreciate how healthy and energetic your dog is.

Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition Miniature Schnauzer Puppy dry dog food

Royal Canin is a well known and trusted dog food brand. Through its wide range of products the company tries to offer a food product for every type of dog. Take note that this product is for puppies and it shouldn’t be fed to older Schnauzers as dietary needs change over time.

This particular product is created for Schnauzers but particularly the miniature type. If you have a larger type, you can’t expect this food to supply the necessary nutrients, because different size dogs each have unique dietary requirements. This packet of food will help your Miniature Schnauzer towards excellent health in a number of ways.


  • This food supplies Schnauzer puppies with the correct combination of nutrients to support growth so they grow into healthy adult dogs. The muscles and bones need to develop optimally so your dog can enjoy an active life in the future.
  • Antioxidants assist your puppy’s immune system. By not picking up diseases while they’re young, dogs have a better chance at a healthy adult life.
  • Your dog’s digestive system benefits from this food. It will absorb the nutrients contained in food as it passes through the digestive tract thanks to balanced intestinal flora.
  • Your Schnauzer’s possible skin problems are combated by the nutrients in the food. No artificial products are used that could aggravate skin problems.
  • The small kibble size is ideal for miniature dogs. Your dog will be able to chew it without discomfort and well chewed food can be digested better.
  • Reduced fat content of this food prevents obesity.
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  • The food contains meat by products. This is unfortunate because this usually has a very low nutritional value.
  • Some ingredients raise concern with dietary experts. They could cause allergic reactions or digestive problems:
  • Brewers rice
  • Brown rice
  • Corn gluten meal
  • Royal Canin is an expensive dog food brand

This dog food supplies your Schnauzer puppy with most of what it needs to ensure a healthy growing phase. You need to keep an eye on your pet though, because of the few ingredients that could cause skin irritations or digestive problems. If there are signs of discomfort, switch to a different product.

ARTEMIS Fresh Mix Small Breed Adult Food

This specific product is for small breeds, so you shouldn’t try this for your Giant Schnauzer. It won’t reap the same benefits as smaller dogs. This is because of its nutritional content and kibble design.

ARTEMIS is diligent in producing natural pet food products. You won’t find any harmful chemical preservatives in this packet. For dogs with sensitive skin, this is ideal. This product keeps starch contents very low so your dog won’t have a tough time digesting it and it will also help if you’re worried about your dog’s weight.


  • The high meat content means the food is tastier than some others. This is ideal for your Schnauzer’s palate, since smaller dogs are sometimes more picky about their food. The tastier it is, the less you’ll struggle to feed them at meal times.
  • Your Schnauzer’s energetic lifestyle is fueled by the right amount of calories to burn.
  • The natural approach to dog food manufacturing will benefit your dog’s skin condition. There’s less chance of an allergic reaction to this food.


  • This brand is more expensive than many others.

ARTEMIS offers a terrific natural dog food which is perfect for general health and an energetic lifestyle of smaller dogs. Your Giant Schnauzer won’t benefit as much though. If any health problems already exist you may need additional supplements to help combat them.


Your type of Schnauzer determines which of these products will be the best to add to your cupboard. ARTEMIS Small Breed dog food is ideal for your Standard or Miniature Schnauzer’s general health and thanks to the natural taste you won’t have a problem to get your dog to eat it. Natural Balance is perfect for Standard or Giant Schnauzers. It has high nutritional value to support all your dog’s unique features.