Are Maltipoos Easy to Train?


The Maltipoo got really popular over the last few years as more and more people are becoming interested in this dog breed. One of the possible reasons for this is the fact that this fluffy bundle of joy is great for people with allergies as Maltipoos are hypoallergenic dogs. So, if you are considering getting this breed, you’re probably asking “are Maltipoos easy to train?”

Are Maltipoos Easy to Train?

Generally, the dog’s temperament is the first consideration in training as this indicates how your dog responds to people and other aspects of its environment. Understanding your dog’s temperament is essential so you can decide if this breed is right for you and whether they are capable of being trained or not. Also, it is important to remember that although a breed has similar characteristics, not all dogs can be the same.

Maltipoos are quite often referred to as “the cutest dogs” because they are small and furry. The Maltipoo are hybrid dogs, which means they are a combination of two breeds which are the Poodle and Maltese.

One of the biggest reasons why this breed is so popular is because they are hypoallergenic. This breed is safe for people with allergies as there will be very minimal pet dander. At adulthood, these dogs weigh about 10 pounds and can live up to 10 to 12 years. Because these dogs are so light, they are considered as lap dogs.

Most people assume since these dogs are so small and light, they don’t need to be taken out as often. However, that is not true. Maltipoos are not like Pugs who enjoy being indoors and sleep all day long. This breed likes getting out for walks to get rid of all the energy they have.

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If they do not get their daily mental and physical stimulation, you will notice that Maltipoos start getting aggressive and show bad behavior like barking and snapping at everyone or chewing furniture. This is mostly an attempt to get the excess energy out of their system.

Maltipoos are always active and on the run, just like the majority of the small dogs. They are extremely active, fun and naughty, yet very loving. As they grow older, they are not as active as they were as puppies but they still retain many of their puppy characteristics.

Maltipoos are great if you have kids or even other dogs. They get along fantastically and are extremely friendly with humans. They love being in company with other dogs as well. This is great because you can take them to your friends’ or relatives’ houses without worrying that they might bite people or chew furniture. However, do keep an eye on them; since they are playful, they might end up causing minor accidents.

Additionally, prevent yourself and the others from carrying the Maltipoos. These dogs are very light and small but they are susceptible to fractures if they fall from an unsafe height. Aside from broken bones, they may suffer different types of head injuries.

If your intention is to get a watchdog, then the Maltipoo is not the dog you are looking for. Maltipoos are very friendly dogs, and the majority of them have a very calm and cool temperament making them get along with practically anyone. They are also great therapy dogs.

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Maltipoos are amusing and intelligent dogs. They tend to empathize with their humans, they know what they want, and will make sure they point out in that direction for you to understand. If you are having a bad day in general and return home to Maltipoos, they are definitely going to do things to cheer you up. They are fiercely loyal and really love their humans.

Because these dogs are active and intelligent, they constantly need their daily quota of physical exercise and mental stimulation. You can buy toys that aid in mental stimulation for this breed. Additionally, because they are so smart, they tend to get house trained rather quickly than other dog breeds.

In terms of health, Maltipoos are definitely at a huge advantage. Unlike their purebred counterparts, the Poodle and the Maltese which have a ton of diseases, Maltipoos tend to get away with several of these issues. Because they are a crossbred, the way diseases get passed on through the genes of purebred, does not occur in these crossbreds.

Training Maltipoos are quite easy because they can easily understand commands. You won’t also have a hard time teaching them to get along with other breeds. But, Maltipoos are very sensitive. They do not respond to harsh words, or screaming or even aggressive tactics. It will push them to close themselves off to you.

Hence, the most effective way to engage them is to use a positive reinforcement training method. Have a lot of treats handy and always be kind to them and make sure there are positive reinforcements all the time.

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So, are Maltipoos easy to train? The answer is, indeed, yes. Maltipoos are highly intelligent dogs. They will understand what you need from them, and they will also let you know what they need from you. But always remember that these dogs are sensitive, so be very patient and understanding with them especially when they are being trained. Make sure that they get their daily dose of physical and mental stimulation for them to remain happy and healthy.

These dogs are great house pets as they get along with everyone, including other dogs. Also, the breed being hypoallergenic is simply fantastic for people who suffer from various allergies. You do not have to worry about your kids having allergies or getting sick because this dog breed is safe to cuddle even if it is furry.

If you are dreaming of bringing a puppy home, but you cannot decide which dog to choose, consider a Maltipoo. This dog breed is easy to train, so you won’t have a hard time teaching new tricks and commands.