Kirkland Puppy Food Review

Kirkland Puppy Food Review

Kirkland is a brand you can trust with your dog’s health because they focus on offering pet owners food items that will be beneficial to any dog. You may know about the effects that many pet food ingredients have on dogs, such as artificial flavoring as well as various grains.

Even though grains are a natural product, many dogs’ digestive system can’t tolerate them. In addition, many dogs have allergic reactions to grains and artificial ingredients. Kirkland takes into consideration how important it is to keep these items out of dog food, and offers pet owners a range of products which won’t trigger these effects. In this Kirkland puppy food review, you’ll be given some feedback on how Kirkland products can be used in your puppy’s diet.

It’s important that you decide on the correct food for your puppy because its developmental stages will determine the level of health it will have during adulthood because bones and muscles need the right diet to develop correctly.

Below you’ll find items that can be used to complement your puppy’s diet. These aren’t items you can consider as the primary food source for puppies since they don’t have all the necessary nutrients, and were designed to enhance a dog’s diet, not to replace it.

Buying guide

When you’re on the lookout for food options for your puppy you need to look for items that are appropriate for young dogs. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Does this product give my puppy essential nutrients?
  • Are there any harmful ingredients listed on the pack?
  • What effect does the design of the product have on a puppy’s teeth and digestive system?
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By scrutinizing products in this manner, you’ll be able to see which are beneficial. Remember that if your puppy consumes the wrong type of ingredients, it can leave an everlasting effect on the dog, so pick products with care.

Kirkland Signature Dental Chews

As with other Kirkland products, you won’t find any grain in these chews. They’re designed to help your dog with the challenges of tartar buildup and bad breath. It’s an ideal way of keeping your dog entertained and the chews can even be used as treats or rewards.


  • The chews contain no grain so your dog’s digestive system and allergies won’t be affected
  • No artificial coloring or flavoring was used during manufacturing. This means your dog has a very low chance of being allergic to them
  • The grooved design of the chew gives your dog an interesting texture which captures its attention so it won’t get bored easily
  • These grooves are what helps to remove tartar from your dog’s teeth. This means your dog’s teeth are kept in a healthy state while its breath smells better
  • These chews are quite big and hard. They may break up during the chewing process and this is not ideal for small dogs or those with digestive problems. The difficulties of digesting big pieces may cause discomfort, so keep an eye on your dog when you introduce the chew, and discontinue usage if any problems occur
  • The chews have quite a strong smell. This is ideal for dogs who love flavor but you may not want it chewing this in the house
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These chews are great especially for bigger dogs with strong jaws. The flavor is great and the ingredients are healthy but it may pose risks for small or sensitive dogs. You simply need to see what its effect is before committing to it.

Kirkland Signature Super Premium Dog Biscuits Two Flavor Variety

Pet owners often look for items to use as reward during dog training, or simply as a snack. Unfortunately many snacks aren’t as healthy as dog food itself, so the options are limited. Luckily Kirkland fills this gap by offering you healthy biscuits you can feed your dog without being concerned about health issues.


  • Kirkland designed these treats in two flavors. This means your dog gets the privilege of variety in its diet. Your dog won’t get bored with these treats and the two flavors are both very appropriate to what dogs love to eat
  • Chicken meal is used as one of the main sources. This ingredient is an exceptional source of protein and very healthy
  • The use of real meat during production adds to the tempting flavor the treats have that entices dogs. After all you want your dog to enjoy its food and treats
  • The treats are crunchy enough to assist with removing tartar from teeth so your dog’s breath will smell better after eating these
  • Because these treats have nutritional value, they are a beneficial addition to puppies’ diets
  • The main ingredients include brewers rice and dried beet pulp. Both of these are sometimes frowned upon because experts believe the nutrient value isn’t very high and they could play a role in a dog’s allergies. You need to test this with your dog since it usually only affects dogs with very sensitive digestive systems
  • You may find that these treats are more expensive than others on the shelf. The benefit of obtaining healthy treats justifies the price, but you may not be able to buy as many of them as you wish
  • You need to be careful with smaller breed puppies; these biscuits may be too big and hard for them. Then they should perhaps be kept back until adulthood.
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Kirkland caters for your dog’s palate with these biscuits in both taste and texture. Your dog will love the biscuits and you’ll love that you’re giving it a healthy alternative. If your puppy is the right size, these can be an ideal option to keep their diet interesting.


If you’re looking for a treat for your puppy, you may want to steer clear of the dental chews and first opt for the biscuits. Your puppy may struggle with digesting the dental chews’ pieces and it’s better to not take chances while your puppy’s young. The biscuits are a great alternative as long as your puppy isn’t too small, and it will supply many nutrients which can only be beneficial. Kirkland puppy food continues to be a great choice for all dog owners.