How Can You Tell What Type of Pitbull You Have: Essential Things You Need to Know

How Can You Tell What Type of Pitbull You Have: Essential Things You Need to Know

How can you tell what type of pitbull you have? This question is often asked by all dog lovers who have just recently realized that the term “pit bull” is not actually referring to a single type of dog.

It might seem a bit confusing at first, but there are three different types of pit bulls. They consist of the American Staffordshire terrier, American pit bull terrier, and finally, the Staffordshire bull terrier. Some people often mistake other dogs with pit bulls, but as per the experts, these are the only three which can be considered as “official” pit bulls.

For you, as an owner, to be able to know how can you tell what type of pitbull you have without consulting a veterinarian, we will discuss the main characteristics of the three types of pit bulls we have mentioned above.

Types of Pit Bulls: A Closer Look

Each one of these three types come with distinct physical characteristics. Varying in weight and size of their head, you can also differentiate one pit bull from the other by looking at their overall physique. Some of them might come with a medium-sized coat while others often incorporate a slightly muscular build.

●    American Staffordshire Terrier

The American Staffordshire terriers are famous for their muscular body. They have an overall weight that ranges from 65 to 80 pounds and more often than not, they come without loose lips. You can find them in a number of different colors, and unlike other types, this one is considered extremely loyal towards their owners. In fact, even if you are a complete stranger, the American Staffordshire terrier will interact with you without causing any kind of harm.

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However, a thing which is recommended about these pit bulls is that one should never keep them in the same house with another American Staffordshire terrier. The reason behind it is that even though they are friendly towards humans, they do not behave well in the presence of another pit bull.

The American Staffordshire terriers are also referred to as Amstaff; thanks to their English ancestors. Confusing? Yes, they have the word “American” in their name, but they were initially been found in Birmingham, England.

●    American Pit Bull Terrier

You can differentiate the American pit bull terriers from other types of pit bulls by examining their heads. Their heads are generally comparable to the rest of their body, so if you see a pit bull with a huge head, there is a good chance that it won’t be this one. They usually weigh between 35 and 65 pounds and unlike the other two types, this one comes with a lot of body muscles. They were once used for prey hunting but thanks to their recent breeding, it has reduced their aggressiveness on a considerable basis.

However, they are considered as intelligent dogs, and that is the exact reason why some people still use them for detecting explosives and drugs. On another note, you will typically see the American pit bull terriers with round-shaped eyes along with small-to-medium sized ears. Their tails are usually tapered towards the bottom, and when it comes to their lips, they normally feature loose ones.

Coming towards the loyalty of these dogs, it depends on the firmness of their owner. Basically, American pit bull terriers are a bit aggressive in nature, so you have to train them with proper care. Just like the American Staffordshire terriers, it isn’t usually recommended to keep a couple of male American pit bull terriers in the same house. Likewise, you should never place them close to your birds as those avian creatures can trigger their hunting skills.

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Finally, if you want to keep the American pit bull terrier in the best of physical shape, you have to take them out for daily walks, and you also have to take proper care of their diet. Similarly, regular exercise can keep these dogs from showing a destructive behavior.

●    Staffordshire Bull Terrier

When it comes to the Staffordshire bull terriers, they usually weigh between 28 and 38 pounds. Their head is quite bigger than the rest of their body which makes them easier to differentiate. In the majority of the cases, they come with a more muscular body as compared to either American Staffordshire terriers or even the American pit bull terriers.

The Staffordshire bull terriers have always been a favorite choice amongst children because of their friendly behavior towards humans. Such is also because they come packed with a lot of energy. Having said that, it isn’t very easy to train them. You have to show great commitment because even though they are generally very affectionate towards humans, they do have a knack for showing a stubborn behavior.

However, if you are an experienced dog trainer, one who can train these dogs with proper care, you will certainly appreciate the level of obedience shown by them after a few months of training.

How Can You Tell What Type of Pitbull You Have: More Helpful Tips

If checking and differentiating the characteristics of the different types of pit bulls would be a hassle, and you really want to be sure, here are a few ways in which you can confirm the type of pitbull you have.

  • Consult the breeder from whom you have purchased the pitbull.
  • Take a look at the registration papers if you have purchased your pitbull. Many breeders often indicate the actual breed of their dogs on these documents.
  • Purchase a DNA test kit from the veterinarian, send the samples you have gathered to the local lab, and they will inform you about your dog’s breed.
  • Consult your veterinarian.
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When it comes to differentiating one type of pitbull from the other, this is not a difficult task by any means if you have been working or taking care of dogs for a long time. You just have to look for obvious signs, and it will help you determine the actual breed of your dog.

However, if you are just a new pit bull owner, you can always turn towards a veterinarian, breeder, or other experts. You might need to shell out some money because, at the end of the day, you will be 100% sure of your dog’s breed. Likewise, he or she can give you helpful tips about your dog’s breed, health, and age.