What is the Best Dog Food for Dachshunds?

What is the Best Dog Food for Dachshunds?

Informed pet owners are quite aware that no two dogs are the same, and even more so, no two breeds can be handled the same. This is due to genetic differences and breed-specific characteristics that determine dog’s personalities, traits, as well as the diets that are best for them.

Appropriate diets give adequate nutrition to ensure overall health. But you can go even further by getting to know your dog’s preferences and doing research. Through offering it the best possible diet for its specific needs, you can even help it better handle challenges such as allergies.

Dachshunds are a very unique breed. What is the best food for dachshunds? How can you go about assisting these precious animals?

Buying guide

Dachshunds are particular in their build but also in other characteristics. Firstly their short legs and long bodies create a silhouette that steals the heart of many dog lovers. Simply because of their structure, they are a favorite type of pet in many houses.

But this build already adds to the challenges these dogs face. Their spines and hind legs are areas that need to be cared for as disease or injury in these areas can quickly steal your dachshund’s quality of life.

Apart from this, dachshunds—if breeders don’t focus on eradicating the risks—are prone to certain conditions that affect their skin, their eyes as well as their anal glands.

While one approach is to have your vet look at these problems when they present themselves, an alternative—and effective method—is to prevent them.

Much of this has to do with your dog’s diet because being overweight and not getting the correct nutrients result in overall health deterioration. It’s then that the weak areas in your dog’s system show the effects by presenting symptoms of a disease.

The aspects you need to look for when shopping for food for your dachshund are:

  • Items that strengthen your dog’s bone structure so shock on the limbs doesn’t cause injuries
  • Natural products with a lot of nutrients for puppies so their bodies grow into strong adults
  • No preservatives. Food that offers the correct nutrients results in a shiny coat, strong bones, bright eyes and a lot of energy
  • Food which will keep your dachshund’s weight under control. Overweight dogs of this size and build easily develop problems in their joints

Dachshunds were bred to use their sense of smell to assist humans in situations such as hunting. This means your little dog is very picky about the food it gets due to enhanced senses. Food and treats need to be full of flavor to be enticing to this breed with its acute sense of smell.

What dog food brands should you consider to improve your dachshund’s diet and also keep it tasty?

Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition – Dachshund Adult dry dog food

Royal Canin is a great brand to choose for your dog’s dietary needs. This manufacturer has been around for a long time—since 1967—so it knows what it takes to produce high-quality dog food. Royal Canin also moved with the times and it knows dog owners today demand high-quality, natural products because the negative effects of bad nutrition are unacceptable. Staying in line with this approach, they generally use safe ingredients in all their products.

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Regarding this dry food in the Royal Canin range, the creators did their best to offer your dachshund all it may need to stay healthy. This item is specifically for adult dogs and if you’re still raising a puppy you need to keep this for later; you need puppy food to build a foundation while it’s growing up.


  • No artificial coloring or by products are included in this product. This means your dog is safe from allergic reactions often caused by unnatural additives that make food look enticing but doesn’t have great effects on health
  • This type of food focuses on all the important aspects of a dachshund’s health:
  • The ingredients support the prolonged health of bones and joints
  • It benefits the muscle tone so bones are adequately supported during activities such as running and jumping. This is done through the high protein percentage in the kibbles
  • The designers thought well when making these small-sized kibbles. This makes it easy for small dogs to eat comfortably without choking or struggling, especially when they get older. For dogs who are prone to eat too fast the small chunks assist in preventing choking
  • The ingredients even benefit your own situation after your dog consumed the kibbles because the odor coming from its stool is quite manageable compared to other brands and foods
  • The prime source of protein is chicken meal which is an excellent option, high in protein and safe to feed your dog


  • Royal Canin uses brewers’ yeast in many of its products. This is a controversial item as some experts believe it can have negative effects on dogs. Whether any effects will be seen in your dog is dependent on how sensitive your dog is to yeast products.
  • Royal Canin is one of the more expensive dog food options available in today’s market. You may need to mix this brand with a more affordable one if the expense is too high


Royal Canin is a favorite brand of many pet owners with valid reason. This brand knows what to put in pet food to get the best results, and with this product every vulnerable part of your dachshund is looked after.

Double check the list of ingredients if you know your dog is sensitive to certain foodstuffs. Unfortunately no product is perfect, and this one comes at an expensive price so make sure it’s wise to buy.

Eukanuba Breed Specific Adult Dry Dog Food – Daschund + Teckel

Eukanuba is a high-quality dog food brand but the manufacturing does include some aspects that can make you wonder. While they include many healthy ingredients and focus on targeting specific needs in dogs—especially with their breed-specific items—they unfortunately also include some filler ingredients. These items are low in quality and nutrition which doesn’t enhance your dog’s diet.

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  • This item on the Eukanuba shelf is a great design in light of its size and form. It’s ideal for small dogs so they can chew it easily
  • Eukanuba not only assists your dachshund’s body with this item, but also its teeth. A defense system, which helps to reduce tartar, is a great benefit of this product. Within 28 days, your dachshund will have cleaner teeth in general, culminating in fresher breath and you don’t have to struggle with cleaning its teeth yourself
  • The areas in your dog’s body this food benefits include:
  • The heart: L-carnitine and natural taurine are two of the nutrients your dog receives when eating this item
  • Bones: Enough calcium is taken into your dog’s system to make sure its bones stay strong
  • Digestion: Natural beet is part of the ingredients and this supplies fiber, which assists in maintaining a healthy digestive system. One great effect of this is your dog will be less bloated and have less gas after its meals
  • Exceptional ingredients that add to your dog’s health include:
  • Chicken fat: This may sound unhealthy but is actually a quality product high in nutrients
  • Fish oil: This supplies your dog with Omega-3 fatty acids which help maintain a healthy coat and skin
  • The food is appropriate for many small dogs such as Corgi’s, small terriers and petit bassets so you’re not limited to using it only for dachshunds
  • Eukanuba is focused on giving support to your dog’s entire system so the positive effects will show in all areas
  • Eyes
  • Energy levels
  • Strong bones
  • Shiny coat


  • On the Eukanuba ingredients list you’ll find many controversial items. While these aren’t outright bad for your dog, their benefits are debatable. This is an issue with dog experts who are distrusting of fillers in dog food. These include:
  • Chicken by-product meal: This is made from leftover chicken pieces when the quality pieces—which are healthiest—have been taken away. This may include organs but also the feet and beaks
  • Brewers rice: The benefit of this product is debated by many experts but your dog’s sensitivity to this type of product is the most important thing to consider
  • Chicken flavor: It’s unfortunate that the tastiness of the product isn’t produced by the presence of chicken but by additional unnatural flavoring
  • Eukanuba is an expensive brand on the pet food shelf. Many dogs flourish while being fed Eukanuba products but you’ll have to test it on your four legged friend and see if the effect justifies the expense


Eukanuba claims to be one of the best brands around but it does offer your dog some ingredients that are questionable. Many pet owners choose this item rather than others because it does bring about great results in many dogs. Your pet’s reaction to the food will determine whether you want to commit to the expense or not.

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Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition Dachshund Loaf in Sauce Dog Food

Royal Canin has done thorough research over the years to determine what it has to focus on to offer dog owners great products. To them it’s not about simply adding ingredients together, but rather to make sure each ingredient has a specific goal. This research results in food items, which are appropriate to breed and size.

Royal Canin looks at the following:

  • Jaw structures: This determines what type of kibble—shape and size—is appropriate
  • Bones and joints: Different breeds put unique amounts of strain on legs and spines. In a case such as a dachshund, it’s necessary to give additional support to their bones wherever possible
  • Skin types: A dog’s skin can be sensitive simply because of its breed. The ingredients in its food will determine if such a skin becomes dry and itchy
  • Coat types: One difference is whether a certain breed has an undercoat or not. The food it takes in will let this type of coat shine if correctly chosen
  • With this product in the Royal Canin range, the manufacturer wanted to make sure that in taste and effect the food is ideal for dachshunds.
  • With this product in the Royal Canin range, the manufacturer wanted to make sure that in taste and effect the food is ideal for dachshunds.


  • Even in its physical design this product excels. These kibbles are perfect for consumption by dogs with arched muzzles
  • The nutrients your dog receives benefit:
  • The health of its bones and joints so the chance of hip dysplasia—often seen in dachshunds—is kept to a minimum
  • Muscle tone
  • The great flavor and texture of this dog food stimulates your dog’s appetite so feeding time becomes effortless


  • This item is promoted as being only one aspect of your dog’s diet. It’s a supplement to dry-formula food
  • Due to the high price, this is not an affordable option for many pet owners who only have the budget for one type of food at a time


This is a great addition to a dachshund’s diet, and the saucy texture turns any dry food into an appetizing meal. Unfortunately, the price may keep you from purchasing it because it’s more of a luxury than a necessity.


Your dog deserves the best, and with unique dogs such as dachshunds, you need to keep in mind the specific needs they have. These products mentioned all aim at offering your dachshund the best nutrition to benefit the most important areas in its body.

While all products meet this target, the Royal Canin dry food option makes the most sense to put on your shopping list. Its elevated price forces you to check your budget, but the effect it has on your dog is worth the expense.

The best dog food for dachshunds consider all the unique characteristics of your dog and how to help it live a healthy and happy life.