Authority Dog Food Review

Authority Dog Food Review

Your dog’s health benefits when you go in search of the ideal dog food for him or her. Authority makes the process easy by offering specialized formulas for specific age groups. This means your dog gets the nutrition appropriate for that specific time in its life. This aids you as a dog owner in supplying your dog with exactly what it needs.

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There are many factors you as a pet owner need to look at. Firstly, you need to make sure that you’re giving your dog nutritious and safe food. Safe food translates into food without artificial flavoring, fillers or by-products that trigger allergies. Therefore, you need to look at the ingredients on any package of dog food you buy. Luckily, Authority dog food heeds guidelines for healthy and safe food. In addition, by putting themselves in a very affordable price bracket, Authority enables you to care for you dog without forcing you to spend too much money. Let’s look at some of your options.

Authority Puppy Food

Your puppy needs particular care and specific nutrients to ensure it grows up into a healthy adult. A dog’s puppy years determine what kind of life he or she will have. If a puppy’s joints and muscles don’t develop optimally it will have an impact for the rest of its life. For this reason, it’s vital to give your puppy food designed to support their developing systems. Authority Puppy Food is an ideal option for various reasons.

Authority offers you as a pet owner safe dog food options by following these guidelines:

  • No artificial flavoring or coloring
  • No by-products
  • Chicken meal is used which is one of the best sources of protein
  • Real chicken used in manufacturing gives these kibbles great flavor to entice your dog at mealtimes
  • Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids are included, which promote a healthy coat and skin
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By keeping the unhealthy substances away from your dog and only feeding it nutritious food you’ll see its health reflected in the whole body:

  • Lots of energy
  • Bright eyes
  • Healthy gums
  • Glossy coat
  • No allergies causing your dog to scratch

  • Vegetable oil
  • Dried beet pulp
  • Sodium Hexametaphosphate
  • You want your puppy to digest the necessary items to grow strong and stay healthy. Authority puppy food is a great option to start off a healthy life for your dog because it supplies all the necessary nutrients. And you get it at a reasonable price for your pocket. Though there aren’t many items on the ingredients list to be concerned about, you need to test out the food and see the result to ensure no ingredient has negative effects on your specific dog.

    Authority Small Breed Adult Dog Food

    Authority keeps on caring for your dog by following its puppy range with an adult version. In particular, small breeds need specific nutrition to fuel an active lifestyle.

    Weight maintenance is also very important for small breeds. A lot of small breeds are prone to developing hip dysplasia. If your dog is overweight, they are more at risk to develop this condition. The Authority small breed formula helps your dog maintain a healthy weight.

    While it is recommended to follow the feeding guidelines on the bag of food, you must also visually monitor your dog’s weight/size and health.

    You’ll see a good result with this formula in your dog’s overall health and look.

    • Authority uses no by-products which can cause allergies.
    • Real chicken is used. This creates a great taste dogs love so you don’t have to force your dog to eat.
    • This product aids small breeds’ digestion and immune system.


    • Authority products contain brewers rice and corn. These ingredients aren’t necessarily bad for your dog, but depending on their sensitivity to grain, it may cause allergies to spike. You need to test the food on your dog to see his or her reaction to it.

    You’ll be happy to know you can feed your dog excellent food at affordable prices and Authority Adult Dog Food is one of these great options for your adult dog. Each dog has unique requirements and this formula can be used for all meals or it can be supplemented with additional products (such as Wellness) if you feel nutritional elements lack.

    Authority Grain Free Chicken and Apple Wraps Dog Treats

    It’s great when the package immediately tells you what you need to know. In the dog food market, there’s a big need for grain free dog food because grain causes allergic reactions and digestive problems. The Authority Grain Free Dog Treats package announces the absence of grain in big letters so you can immediately see these treats are a safe and healthy addition to your dog’s diet.

    Why is this a great treat for your dog’s palate and its health?

    • Natural products are used: only chicken and apples. This creates a great taste as well as great nutrition.
    • No preservatives or by-products are used.
    • The snack is low in fat so won’t cause your dog to gain weight as long as he or she stays active.
    • The texture of the treat supplies your dog with an interesting chewy experience.


    • While there are no reasons to distrust this product you still need to see what its effect on your dog will be.

    Natural is sometimes the best option and with these treats Authority kept to this guideline 100%! No added preservatives spoil the nutritional value of this snack and its taste and texture is palatable for dogs. You’re sure to have a winner with this item!

    Authority puts in effort to produce great tasting and nutritional products. They also deliver the formulas to you at reasonable prices. With great reviews by pet owners and professionals, these products are worthy of being your pet’s next meal. Remember to always monitor your dog’s reaction to new food and make sure they find it palatable and don’t develop allergies.

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