5 of the best dog food brands for Chihuahuas

5 of the best dog food brands for Chihuahuas

Chihuahuas are unique little dogs. Their pointy ears and bulging eyes are characteristic of this small breed. The quirky facial features formed by these big eyes may be one of the reasons you fell in love with this breed. Something else that stands out is a Chihuahua’s dietary needs. As a caring pet owner you surely want to give your small four legged friend the ideal chance at a healthy life. Take the following tips into account when purchasing food and your Chihuahua’s health will soar.

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Chihuahuas are unique in their size. Not many other dogs are this small and finely boned. This build calls for certain dietary guidelines. It also has a few other features you need to look after carefully. Your Chihuahua needs the correct food to support the following aspects:

  • High metabolism: You need to feed it enough at regular intervals to supply its system with enough fuel to burn, otherwise it will lose too much weight and deteriorate in health. Too little of the correct food will also let its energy levels deteriorate.
  • Unique skeletal system: The small thin bones need to be strong enough so your dog doesn’t injure itself when jumping or running. This calls for food with a high calcium level and the food needs to help muscles develop so the bones are well supported.
  • Long life expectancy: Small dogs tend to live longer than large dogs. While this means you’ll have a companion for a long time—which is awesome—the responsibility lies with you to make sure your dog stays healthy for the length of its life. The type of food you feed while it’s in its puppy and young adult years will determine its quality of life later on.
  • Picky eaters: You need to make sure the food you offer your dog is enticing to its senses. If it doesn’t want to consume food, its health will deteriorate. Tasty food is usually brought about by including a lot of natural products during manufacturing and avoiding items which are tasteless or could cause allergies:
  • Meat by products
  • Artificial coloring and flavoring
  • Preservatives
  • Wheat or gluten which lets allergies flare up
  • Unnecessary fillers with no nutritional value

These aspects all show you how important the correct type of food in the right quantities are. Below you’ll find various options of dog food which will be beneficial to your Chihuahua. Consider these options carefully and pick one that’s in line with your requirements and suits your budget, so you can commit to it for the long term.

Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food

This product by Wellness is an excellent example of the company’s commitment to offer quality dog food. Healthy ingredients are incorporated and Wellness steers away from any artificial products or fillers which can negatively impact a dog’s health. This is an excellent option for adult dogs, but depending on the size of your Chihuahua the kibbles may be too big for comfortable chewing.

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  • Wellness products are all grain free, so your Chihuahua won’t have to battle allergic reactions or digestive problems due to its food.
  • The turkey and chicken meat used in this product provides your dog with a tasty kibble full of flavor and smelling divine for dogs. Dogs love to eat flavorful food, so you won’t have to deal with a dog that doesn’t want to eat.
  • Wellness packs its food products with nutrients that benefit your dog’s whole system. You have visual confirmation of this, because you’ll see the following:
  • High energy levels means enough calories are available to act as fuel.
  • Your dog’s coat will shine and it won’t scratch itchy skin.
  • Strong teeth in pink gums is a sign of health.
  • Eyes will shine instead of looking dull.
  • The fibre contained in Wellness dog food ensures a healthy digestive system which absorbs nutrients and produces a healthy stool consistency.
  • Vitamins and minerals support your dog’s immune system, so there’s little chance of it falling sick.


  • This particular Wellness product is quite expensive when compared with other similar products.
  • This product is made for adult dogs of most sizes, but the kibbles may be too big for Chihuahuas to eat comfortably.
  • Some pet owners have complained that different bags of Wellness CORE contain different size kibbles. If a certain bag has even larger kibbles than usual, your small dog may not cope with eating it at all.

Without a doubt, Wellness offers you high quality dog food products. This specific item isn’t designed for toy breeds. Therefore it may serve you and your dog well to look for food that is easier to eat for Chihuahuas.

Orijen Adult Dog Food

Orijen believes dogs are best fed when they receive food as they would when in the wild. This is why this manufacturer only uses natural products as the main sources of ingredients. This includes:

  • Meats
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Grasses

You don’t get more natural than that!

Orijen is known for the quality of its food, but also for its prices being higher than other dog foods. If you can afford this brand though, you’ll see the effect in the following ways:

  • High amounts of energy
  • Shiny coat
  • Sparkling eyes
  • Healthy digestive system with stool being of the right consistency
  • Healthy teeth and gums

What are the features that make this food so exceptional?


  • The usage of natural products results in excellent tasting and smelling food. This means your dog will love meal times, instead of you needing to force it to eat.
  • The use of natural products prevents allergic reactions.
  • The food contains pre and probiotics. These are beneficial to the digestive system so your dog can absorb all necessary nutrients contained in its food.
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  • Orijen is quite expensive.
  • This specific Orijen product isn’t designed for very small dogs. Your Chihuahua may struggle to chew the kibbles due to their size.

You’ll love the effect of Orijen on your dogs, but feeding this specific item to your Chihuahua may not necessarily benefit it. You need a dog food designed to fit your small dog’s mouth and palate. Your dog will quickly show whether it prefers the food, but rather help your four legged friend by planning ahead and purchasing food with no possible side effects.

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Dry Adult Dog Food

This Blue Buffalo product for adult dogs offers your pet a whole range of benefits, but this product isn’t designed for toy breeds. Depending on your Chihuahua’s size and build, it may not manage the kibble size. If it does love eating them and you see no adverse effects, the following features will turn your dog into a healthy little ball of energy.


  • Blue Buffalo is made in the USA, so you’re guaranteed it’s a safe product for consumption.
  • Blue Buffalo designed LifeSource Bits and add it to most of its products. It contains the followings:
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Antioxidants
  • Wholesome grains
  • Healthy vegetable products
  • Blue Buffalo allows none of the following ingredients:
  • Meat by products
  • Corn or wheat
  • Artificial preservatives, coloring or flavoring

This specific product isn’t designed for toy breeds. The kibbles may be difficult to chew for some Chihuahuas.

Dry dog food is ideal for small breeds, because it assists in creating the right stool consistency. Wellness manufactured this dry dog food specifically for toy breeds so owners know their small dogs are getting exactly what they need. You’ll love the fact that your Chihuahua can eat food designed for its palate and needs.

The food is also manufactured in the USA. The USA’s regulations require that only food that’s healthy for consumption is manufactured, so you know your dog is eating the best. Let’s look at some of its amazing features.


  • Wellness starts off by offering you kibbles that are quite small. This feature makes Wellness dry dog food perfect for Chihuahuas. Your dog won’t struggle to chew its food and therefore it will also travel through the digestive system without problems. This is essential for optimal nutrient absorption.
  • Natural products are used such as:
  • Chicken
  • Peas
  • The calorie intake through Wellness’ breed specific recipes are ideal for the breeds it’s manufactured for. Your Chihuahua will have enough calories to burn while playing outside, without picking up weight.
  • Your Chihuahua’s coat will benefit from the Omega oils contained in the kibbles.
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  • Brown rice is used as a primary ingredient. Rice isn’t the most dangerous grain product, but some dogs who are very susceptible to allergies may still react to it. If you decide to feed this to your dog, keep an eye on your dog’s reaction to it. Dry skin is a tell tale sign that an ingredient in the food isn’t beneficial.
  • The effort of designing a breed specific food does influence the price. You’ll pay a bit more for this food than some other products on the market.

There’s no doubt Wellness dog food offers you an excellent product for your Chihuahua. Taking into account the price as well as the rice used in this particular product, you should start off with a smaller bag and see the effect it has on your dog before committing to it in the long run.

Artemis Fresh Mix – Small Breed Adult

Artemis is known for its high quality dog food products. Very few of the ingredients can be frowned upon. The company manufactures food in small batches. This results in high quality food as well as extreme control over what goes into each batch.


  • Artemis ensures that only natural products are added to its dog food.
  • It draws flavor and nutrients from various types of meat such as chicken & turkey.
  • Your dog receives Omega oils which assist various systems in its body including:
  • Joints
  • Cardiovascular system
  • Skin and coat


  • This product is designed for small breeds, but Chihuahuas are a toy breed. You need to make sure your dog doesn’t have a problem with this size kibble.
  • The following two ingredients are somewhat controversial. They’re sometimes seen as unnecessary fillers due to low nutritional value.
  • Tomato pomace
  • Pea flour

Artemis’ manufacturing process gives importance to the right type of ingredients and making sure dogs only receive healthy food. This specific product is healthy and its cost is in line with many other brands on the market. Your Chihuahua’s mouth may be too small to handle these kibbles though, depending on your dog’s specific breed background. You can give this food a try, but if your dog doesn’t seem comfortable eating it or doesn’t chew its food properly, you need to make adjustments.

Chihuahuas need food with a focus on the right kibble size as well as the right fuel for energetic lifestyles. Wellness Small Breed Dog Food for Toy Breeds gets full marks for giving Chihuahua owners the ideal option. The kibble size is ideal and Wellness dog food contains high nutritional value. You don’t have to look any further. Start transitioning your dog onto Wellness today.